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Phone DOTs

  • Cost: $4.50
  • Categories: Cell Phone Accessories
  • Brighten up your phone with just a touch of happiness and you’ll realize that Greenville, SC is more than just another DOT on the map! These 2 button covers can be used for iPhones, iPads, tablets, and more and will make your device easier to use, give your home button a tactile grip, and help you easily identify your personal gadgets.

    Features a 3D Happy G mark in green; leaves no residue. These Gadget Grips® DOTs™ by HandStands fit most smartphone and tablet push buttons. Product Weight: < 1 oz.


  • Cost: $2.95
  • Categories: Office Products
  • Write on the cutting edge of style with this gently-tapered, curvaceous ballpoint pen offering the ultimate in penmanship comfort. This high-quality translucent, retractable pen includes a rubberized grip and chrome trim. It’s perfect for journaling about your Greenville experience!

    Features the “Yeah, THAT Greenville” logo in green and white and the website in white. Pen is medium-point with black ink. Product Weight: < 1 oz.

Temporary Tattoo

  • Cost: $0.50
  • Categories: Just For Fun
  • Showcase your Greenville spirit and make sure every body in the family is wearing one of these! These fun, temporary tattoos easily adhere to the skin after only 30 seconds giving the appearance of a permanent tattoo without the lifetime commitment.

    Features the Happy G mark with the website below it in purple.

    Application Instructions:

    1. Before application, make sure the skin is clear of dirt, oil, and makeup.

    2. Remove the clear protective sheet from the back of the tattoo and press the tattoo firmly against clean, dry skin.

    3. Hold a wet cloth against the white paper backing allowing it to fully saturate.

    4. Wait 30 seconds and peel the paper off to reveal your new tattoo!

    Removal Instructions:

    Temporary tattoos can stand up to every day soap and water usage, so oil is usually the best liquid of choice for removal. Use olive oil, baby oil, nail polish remover, or rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and apply it to the tattoo. The tattoo will begin to come apart and will fall off of your skin in small pieces.

    Free Shipping on All Tattoos!

Drinking Cup

  • Cost: $10.95
  • Categories: Cups
  • Perfect for those who are always on the go in Greenville, SC, this tumbler is so chic even slurping will look charming. Designed for both hot and cold liquids, the solid dual-wall acrylic layers offer extra insulation and help prevent condensation. The gasketed, screw-on lid provides a tight, spill-resistant fit and a ring around the end of the straw keeps it from falling out.

    Features the Happy G mark on the front of a 16 oz. green tumbler and the "Yeah, THAT Greenville" logo in green and white below.

    MATERIALS: This BPA-free, acrylic tumbler by the express line™ is made from #7 plastic. Not microwave or dishwasher safe. Hand wash only. Product Weight: 6.5 oz.

Car Magnet

  • Cost: $4.95
  • Categories: Just For Fun
  • Sharing your enthusiasm for Greenville can be a smooth ride with this magnetic car sign. Just waiting to be placed on your rear bumper or car door, be the first of your friends to drive around town in style.

    Features the Happy G mark on a circular magnet with the website in white below. Sign is 5.75” in diameter and approximately 0.030” thick. Remove weekly for surface cleaning. Product Weight: 1.4 oz.

Shoutrageous T-Shirt

  • Cost: $18.95
  • Categories: Apparel
  • Represent your Greenville pride by showing up and showing out in this comfy, SHOUTrageous T-shirt!

    Features 16 bubbles containing accolades awarded to Greenville, SC. One bubble includes the “Yeah, THAT Greenville” stacked logo, and another bubble includes the word “SHOUTrageous.” Above the bubbles, the phrase “show up & show out” is printed on this Army green shirt. At the end of the left sleeve, the VisitGreenvilleSC corporate logo is printed in green and white.

    MATERIALS: Custom Canvas Short Sleeve Shirt (Unisex). 60% Cotton/40% Polyester Construction. Product Weight: 5 ounces.

    *Note: If desired size is not shown, it is currently out of stock.


iPhone 5/5S & iPhone 6 Covers

  • Cost: $49.99
  • Categories: Cell Phone Accessories
  • Protect your iPhone in style and support THAT Greenville! VisitGreenvilleSC’s custom iPhone cases (you won't find them anywhere else) cover the back, sides, and corners of the phone, allowing full access to all of your ports and buttons. Molded specifically for your phone, this lightweight case fits snugly and is easy to install and easy to remove. The iPhone cover includes a hard, slick case that goes around a soft, pliable one for double the protection.

    Choose from three custom VisitGreenvilleSC iPhone cases! (Listed in order of appearance in product photograph):

    • Case 1 is white and features a large Happy G mark in green at the top of the phone back and the "Yeah, THAT Greenville" stacked logo in purple and green below. *Note: This case is not available for the iPhone 6.
    • Case 2 is purple and features a small Happy G mark in green at the center of the phone back and the "Yeah, THAT Greenville" stacked logo in white and green below.
    • Case 3 is purple and features a large Happy G mark in green at the top of the phone back and the "Yeah, THAT Greenville" stacked logo in white and green below.

    *Note: These covers will NOT fit an iPhone 5C.*


Burlap Tote Bag - Green

  • Cost: $16.95
  • Categories: Accessories
  • This carryall tote bag will become your new throw-it-all-in-and-go bag that you'll be slinging over your shoulder every day; the main compartment of this tote is sized just right for catalogs, beach supplies, groceries, or other Greenville, SC merchandise!

    Features the Happy G mark in white on the front of a nature-inspired lime green tote bag above the "Yeah, THAT Greenville" logo, also in white.

    MATERIALS: This unique (and reversible) design by Prime Line features soft cotton on one side and burlap-like jute on the other. Product Size: 15” x 15” x 6”; includes dual 23” shoulder straps. Product Weight: 8.9 oz.

Paper Fan

  • Cost: $1.00
  • Categories: Just For Fun
  • These circular-shaped hand fans are must haves for attending Downtown Alive, Main Street Fridays, Reedy River Concerts, or any other lively Greenville event in the warm summer months.

    Features the Happy G mark as an 8” paper fan. Fans are printed on 16-point coated board stock. An 8” basswood handle is attached for easy gripping and oscillation. Product Weight: < 1 oz.

LED Pocket Flashlight

  • Cost: $5.25
  • Categories: Just For Fun
  • Pack a powerful punch with this small flashlight while supporting Greenville, SC - you’ll light up even the darkest spaces with 9 bright white LED bulbs! That makes it the perfect accessory to bring along to a Greenville ghost tour or while riding a Segway looking for the Mice on Main.

    Features the “Yeah, THAT Greenville” stacked logo in white with decorative dimples, divots and ribbed accents that make this one attention-grabbing flashlight.

    Materials: Made out of lightweight purple aluminum and finished with metallic silver accents. A large textured, black push button turns the flashlight on and off. Includes a black carrying strap and 3-AAA batteries. Size: 3.5" x 0.94". Product Weight: 2.1 oz.